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Warping Audio in Ableton Live

In this video we will be covering the basics of warping, we focus on warping entire audio clips into time with Ableton Lives metronome.

We can do this using a few different methods, such as using the ‘sequence bpm’ values or by placing warp markers on the audio and dragging them to the correct position.

We also have some options to double or half the sequence bpm value. We love using this technique in combination with different warp modes to create unique textures and soundscapes that would be almost impossible to create through normal synthesis methods.

We also take a basic look at warping sections of audio within our clip by placing pseudo warp markers and actual warp markets to pin our clips audio to the grid. We can use the modifier keys (such as the Cmd function) to add extra warp markers to ensure we pin our audio in place to allow us to either compress or time-stretch our small section of audio without affecting the rest of our clips timing.

This is only the first video on warping, in the second and third videos we cover the different warp modes in detail, as well as how we can use warping to quickly get longer tracks and mixes into time with Ableton’s grid and also how we can use warping in conjunction with quantization to add or remove grooves to our audio.

This video is an excerpt from our ‘Ableton Live 10 Lite Edition’ comprehensive course for beginners. To watch the full course and get the project files head to our courses page.
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