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Calculating BPM (beats-per-minute) to milliseconds (ms).

Check out our new BPM to time calculator tool and read all about it below.

Convert BPM to MS

Converting from BPM to MS can be extremely useful for a range of uses, such as timing device parameter values to your project tempo (such as reverb & compression settings), to more complex uses, such as creating interesting logarithmic  delays, drum rolls and polyrhythms which appear to momentarily slip out of time but can then naturally fall back into sync.

Whatever your use is for converting between Beats per minute and Milliseconds, we have made it very easy for you to do, either using our BPM to Ms app on this page or by simply using the formula…

BPM to MS Formula:

The formula is 60,000 / Bpm = Ms

We can break this down as 60’000 (the number of milliseconds in a minute). divided by the Bpm (the number of beats we have in our minute). 

This will give us the number of beats we have in a quarter note. From here we can then figure out the rest of the beat division values (or just look them up in our handy table which also gives dotted and triplet divisions).

Converting BPM to MS:

Say you have a song that is 128 Beats per Minute: 60,000 / 128 = 468.75 ms per Beat.

There are 4 beats in a bar for our 4×4 time signature, so:

One bar = 478.8ms * 4 = 1875 ms 

then we simply multiply or divide for any other note values we need, so for converting 128 BPM (beats per minute) to milliseconds, we would have as follows:

Whole Note = 1875 ms
Half note     = 937.5 ms
1/4 note      = 468.75 ms
1/8 note      = 234.38 ms
1/16 note    = 117.19 ms
1/32 note    = 58.59 ms
1/64 note    = 29.3 ms
1/128 note  = 14.65 ms

Triplets & Dotted Note Calculation

We can also calculate the dotted and triplet values for any BPM as well. This can either be done by inputting your projects BPM into our conversion tables, or by using the formulas below:

The Formula for Triplet Beat Divisions

(60,000 / Bpm)*0.667 = Triplet Ms

The Formula for Dotted Beat Divisions

(60,000 / Bpm)*1.5  = Dotted Ms

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