What do I get when I purchase a project template from Studio Slave?

When a project is purchased from Studio Slave you will receive a confirmation email and the download will become available immediately under the ‘Downloads’ tab of the ‘My Account’ section of the Studio Slave website.

Project Templates are available from numerous third party producers, however all of our templates are vetted by Studio Slave to ensure they are of a high quality.

Downloads include the .ALP project file containing the live set, and any relevant samples folders.

Many of our templates include both stock and third party plugins versions to ensure maximum compatibility whilst still allowing you to see third party plugin settings.

Is the template compatible with my version of Ableton Live?

All of our templates are created with the latest version of Ableton Live. All users are encouraged to update their version of Live for free at www.ableton.com to ensure compatibility. 

Older templates made with previous versions of Ableton Live can be opened and saved to a newer version. All projects are clearly labelled with the Live version they were created on.

Can I use the templates for my own productions & releases?

All of our templates can be used to aid your personal learning of electronic music production as well as creating your own projects.


If you intend to use these templates for commercial use, you must make template edits such as changing melodies, synth presets, drum samples & effects.

Read the full license agreement before making a purchase.


Do the projects use third party plugins?

Yes, some of our templates use third party plugins in order to teach you how to use certain plugins affectively. 
Project templates that use plugins will be clearly labelled. These templates will also include a stock plugins only version as well.

Does Studio Slave take template requests?

Yes, use the ‘template request’ button on this page to let us know which templates you wish to see in the future. This information will be passed on to our production team for future projects.

Can I sell my own templates on Studio Slave?

Studio Slave is always on the lookout for talented producers to work with us and create high quality templates and sample packs. If you think you have what it takes and want to earn money from your skills, then use the contact form here.

Where can I find the template licensing policy?

The template licensing agreement can be found here. Ensure to read and understand all parts of this agreement before purchasing a template.

What shall I do if Ableton Live cannot find the plugins used in the project?

To ensure compatibility between both Mac and Windows systems, we use VST plugins where possible rather than AU plugins.

If Live cannot locate the plugin, ensure you have the VST version of the plugin installed and also activate the VST folder in Lives preferences, under the File/Folder tab.

I purchased a template but I don't have the required plugins

We ensure that all of our templates that use third party plugins also include a ‘stock only’ version. This ensures that regardless of your plugin situation, you will always have a working template to use for your own productions.

If you have any issues with a template. Let us know using this contact form and we will ensure to rectify any problems for you as quickly as possible.