Mastering Services


Audio mastering is the final process in post-production phase of making music. Mastering will remove any 'clicks', 'pops' or any other anomalies in the track. A professional master can really make the difference between your track sounding good, and your track sounding GREAT!

Please note that this product is a single track mastering only. The file you upload must meet the following criteria;

  • The track has been mixed down to the best of your ability
  • The track is master volume is set to -6dB
  • All effects are turned OFF on the master channel

Should your track not meet the following criteria, a £5 surcharge will apply for any re-uploads. If you are unsure, please Contact Us and we can guide you, free of charge.

All customers can enjoy a 10% discount for every track upload within an order!

During the checkout process you will be asked to upload your file, please provide the single WAV pre-master as per the above specification.


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Enjoy 10% on multiple masters!