Mixing Services


The mix down phase is one of the most important stages of post production, and occurs before the mastering. The mix down engineer will ensure that each individual element of the track, weather it is the hi-hats, percussion, synth, bass, kick or fx has enough space in the mix to really poke through. Any clashing or harsh frequencies will be removed and gentle compression to bring out the dynamics will be applied.

Our mastering engineers have all the necessary software and hardware to ensure that your mix downs are as tight as possible, ready for the mastering engineer.

Please note: Ordering a mix down will also include a master free of charge!

During checkout, you will be asked to upload some file(s). Please add all your stems to a compressed ZIP archive, and upload them during checkout. There should only be one ZIP archive per track uploaded.

If you are unsure how to export the individual stems, then please Contact Us and one of our team will be able to assist, free of charge.


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