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Haze – Ableton Live 10 Piano House Project Template



Haze – Ableton Live 10 Piano House Project Template

Tempo – 124
Key Signature – E minor

Haze is a summer time piano house template focusing on midi effect chains and sampled instruments to produce the ‘old skool’ sampled chord sound.

This project includes a Korg M1 Piano instrument track. This is the same piano sound used by countless iconic piano house tracks from the 90’s. Also included in this project are a range of string instruments utilising the likes of the ‘Wavetable’ and Operator devices.

Audio effects racks have been used within this project to achieve extra stereo imaging and build effects. These racks have been pre-mapped to their macro controllers so all you have to do is simply save them to your own library and tweak the controls to suit your own productions.

This project contains:

6 group tracks
24 midi tracks
3 audio tracks
5 return tracks


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