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Live 10 Preferences – The Record/Warp/Launch Tab

In this section of the course we explain every option and parameter of the Ableton Live preferences menu, with this video focusing on the record/warp/launch tab.

This tab can be split into its 3 main sub-sections…


From this area, we can change a lot of Ableton Lives default settings regarding recording into Live, such as metronome count-ins, the file types and bit-depths used to record, and exclusive arm & solo functionality.

This is also where we can choose to record all tracks at once or only armed tracks, a setting that is often overlooked by new users of Live but is extremely useful for certain live or collaborative situations such as recording a band or live performance duo.


The warp section allows us to optimise how live deals with audio samples that we bring into the live interface. In particular we can choose to auto-warp long and short samples, and if we do decide to warp them, which warping mode we want to use by default.

This is extremely useful for anyone wishing to use Live for extensively audio editing such as working with acapellas, entire tracks, or even those using Live for podcasts and radio shows.

There will be many different use cases and scenarios for how the audio should be dealt with. lots of producers will want to edit the audio whilst keeping the integrity of the audio and its timing values completely intact (possibly to fix a few small issues) which would most likely require auto warping to be turned off, whilst other producers may be aiming to tighten up a loose drummer performance, fix a vocalists acapella timing, or sync up a set of tracks for a radio show broadcast.

All of these would likely warrant to auto-warp long samples with differing warp modes.


The launch tab relates mainly to how we use Ableton for live performance and its different behaviour options for things such as scene launching, (triggering via sections) global quantization (when clips respond to being triggered) and launch modes (how clips are triggered).

We hope this has helped to shed some light on some of Ableton Lives lesser understood preferences tab.


This tutorial is an excerpt taken from our Ableton Live 10 Lite edition course.
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