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Arrangement View Automation

In this video, we will learn about the differences between session view and arrangement view automation.

When we write automation in session view, this is stored into the clips within session view. When we then take these clips across into the arrangement view we can then view this automation in the arrangement timeline by pressing the automation show/hide button or by pressing ‘A’ on the keyboard.

There are also multiple other ways of viewing automation such as wiggling an automatable parameter when in automation mode, by right-clicking any parameter and selecting ‘show automation’ or by simply recording some automation into arrangement view by pressing the automation arm button.

If we are making quick edits to automation it makes sense to do this straight into any given track whilst in automation mode. If however, we intend to automate or edit multiple parameters it may be wise to ‘open automation in new lane’.
This allows us to see as many automatable parameters as we want in as many different lanes as we want concurrently. To view all of the automated parameters for a track quickly, simply right-click the tracks mixer area and select ‘show lane for each automated envelope’. This will open an automation lane for any parameters that have already been automated for a particular track.

We have a lot of generic control over automation nodes and sets of nodes simply by highlighting it or selecting it, then clicking and dragging it around the arrangement.

We can also cut, copy, paste and duplicate it around other lanes and tracks within our project. We can easily overwrite automation, lock it to a certain axis whilst moving it, or draw automation curves using various modifier keys on the keyboard.

We can also lock automation to the arrangement which essentially detaches it from the clips and pins it to the specific points on our arrangement view timeline. This is great if you have spent a lot writing your automation but decide you are going to experiment or swap out some different clips.

This video is an excerpt from our ‘Ableton Live 10 Lite Edition’ comprehensive course for beginners. To watch the full course and get the project files head to our courses page.
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